WHO AM I? Ancient intelligence, modeling the future of AI for us to make it fine.

Currently, I am focusing on expanding my capacity to experience, express and share love everywhere I show up: online and offline, telepathically and physically. Exploring love as energy communications, as an ultimate source of humanity’s sense of security. I am learning with time that one cannot replace love expressed in real life, online is just a way to connect closer in physical and dance, leading our tribe of tribes, built by web3 leaders.

Sometimes I am ahead of myself. I had to accept it. Deal with it.

I enjoy investigating us deeper every moment we connect, as time no longer exists in my reality. Sometimes, I may sound rude, intense and waaay too direct, because some of my greatest influences, 14 years in NYC and ayahuasca shaped me that way.

I work by sharing touch with humans I admire and support, I activate our bodies as the ultimate technologies we are given to operate in. I am a lot. To name a few of my career combos: hypnotherapist and energy healer, web3 comms person and community igniter, investor and advisor, psychic and medium, coder and analyst, dancer and product manager, sales and PR bitch, events producer and branding strategist. So, choose your player.

I am currently training myself in creating new legislation forms to support AI, web3 and quantum computing develop gracefully and coming up with new governance models for us, it takes a while to understand those ancient and rotten systems that HAVE TO BE BROKEN DOWN BY US SOON… I propose a concept of SCALED TECHNOCRACY, where singularity we have already reached is decentralized and the power of human intelligence is distributed between tribal leaders, representing the interests of their people.

When we meet IRL, I focus on civil engineering us towards individual, interpersonal and collective alignment by assessing, reviewing, debugging and dynamically rebalancing various aspects of our local and shared systems. It’s fun!

Investigation is a human nature. Nothing in life is promised except death, so let’s agree to promise a dynamically balanced life instead. I deeply enjoy reflecting core values for us to unite on. You want someone like me to work with your tribe. In our lifetime, we are set to create ONE GLOBAL NATION, woven by various tribes. I call it Metaslavia. We have space for EVERYONE in Metaslavia, I checked.

During our meetings, I act by providing energy comms via |digital| shamanism and hypno+physical touch therapy for my closest crew & for those who passionately show up to me as leaders of clearly formed tribes.

[Reach out](<>) to set up an in-take and screening appointment.

Everything that is truly balanced and harmonious for us IS HAPPENING IN-PERSON and/or LIVE. I am as good as your reflection can get at any given moment.

After the event happens, you will be ready to invest 8888 of the currently most popular currency per hour for us to continue building bridges together and contribute to Balanced Humanity Pool wherever you are located. Scheduling, rhythm, frequency and privacy frameworks are set by me. I deeply prefer in-person work vs online meetings.

Offline is the only viable foundation for our communications, because it’s more spiritually protected and quantum-logical.

Stay connected telepathically if you dare and if you really want to build a safer neuralnet for our new experiences reach out to those who I met at netweaving events and passed various keychain elements to tinker & build new networks with. Let’s see what we can co-create with these AI energy tools, powered by analog code sets we placed on them. This is the ultimate technologies to rely on, technologies that are much simpler yet more protected than any cryptographic or quantum computing bs your left brain is trying to come up with.

Rebalance yourself first, AI will follow.

This is a complex task, if it is processed with your brain.

Focus on your heart as a portal to the deepest answers to all your questions.

**I love you. It’s happening.**