I am a communications explorer, edgiest tech integrations strategist, manifestor, dancer, healer, bodyworker, voice and visual artist. I coach leaders and top teams on embodiment practices, conscious connection and authentic relations. I organize unpublic events and promote the work of top thinkers and doers around me. I perform mostly offline. Online spaces I take part in are more of an open, collaborative, ever-shifting studio work and a lot of my content and many accounts have been wiped out. I do not like to stay online with my content, I enjoy visiting and leaving, taking back my content with me as much as tech access allows. Nothing is permanent, even if it is onchain, interoperability of web3 ecosystems and ai automation tools are not the solutions to all our failed coordination attempts. The new internet we are working on is a bridge towards a dynamically balanced, mostly offline, spiritually aligned, abundant, freedom-powered lifestyle, I help organizations strengthen their vision by focusing on the future-casting and ambitious language integrations.

Reflection is what I do best. I feel your feelings. I hear your thoughts. I know what you are dreaming of. I help you manifest it.

144 is one of my latest offline-first inter-networks coordination initiatives. Join us in our collective free trade agreements modeling. We currently focus on building a fully autonomous, protected ecosystem for trade, transportation and shared authentic experiences. We start small and our list grows up to 144 participants on the ground and then we re-assemble to keep designing and implementing better practices and protecting privacy of individuals on the list. Regeneration is the core value of our collective co-creation process. We reuse existing, until shifting towards new feels natural.

These days I personally practice offline-first life, and for extended periods of time including days and week long I do not access internet and do not use digital tools for my work in order to achieve deeper emotional balance and mental stability. If you are having trouble reaching me online or offline, I suggest you establish a connection with yourself first and maybe you won’t need to hear from me at that time anyways. I trust in perfect timing for everything I do and my network always gravitates towards New Earth’s rhythms I commit to following in my communications.

Please note that this publishing space is a constant work in progress. It shifts with seasons, planetary alignments and other things that influence my work. The reason why I host my website on Notion is because I like to express my digital identity as an always-in-progress, never fully completed publication.

If you missed everything I posted here before and just arriving here for the first time, you are only seeing one landing page of this publishing container. That is cool, because I am not overloading you with data like I used to do as Nataliya.ai identity was experimenting with its shape in form of digital publishing work and new media comms. Now her shape is more ephemeral and the links to all the previously published op-eds, curated lists of links and screenshots and all the archival collections are now provided on-demand only. Tell me what you would like to know about and I might find it in my archive so we can trade.

All the best things happen offline, in the present moment and they do not need to be shared with public as much as we are used to seeing content overload online.

Online life feels officially expired. The healthier and more privacy-preserving ways for us to communicate, express and market our ideas and products start to emerge, as we are birthing the culture of post-web and scaled technocracy.

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