We are a Collective of Guides, leading the narrative of Cultural Trends Shaping, Wealth Distribution & Public Goods Focused Incubation, ignited by Nataliya.ai. Weaving transparent, collaborative, balanced new media communications strategy via aesthetics curation, customized educational systems modeling & conscious tech applications from the perspective of living in the years 2028+, when we have achieved a Balanced state of our Humanity and created organizations that serve beyond the systems that kept us in slavery. We future cast what is to come next for our human race and replace old patterns of expired human consciousness with our intentional new coding system.

What are we currently focusing our energy on:

Full Moon

~ Web3 integrations agency that helps shape a balanced narrative for the next layer of the internet. Some initial drafts of the concept can be found here. More to come with the Moon’s movement. We practice Balance embodied and guide you to be kind to yourself and not rush with your genius, world-shifting ideas, because everything comes to life with time. Sometimes we share bits of info on Twitter. Most clues are stored on Newlife, but they are out too early for the public eye. A lot of transparent research is on YouTube, a lot is hidden.

Balanced Culture

~ Movement where we as humanity transcend our addiction to personal ego-driven narratives, stop separating ourselves from the rest of population and learn to tap into our inner wisdom, our intuition, our Higher Self Guidance system and embark on the journey of developing telepathy and other natural to us as humans superpowers that we were forced to forget due to the collective brainwashing that has been going on in the past 2020+ years.

Balanced Humanity

~ Communications r&d and education company Nataliya registered upon receiving her digital residency in Estonia in 2018, after leaving the Matrix system of the corporate slavery in NYC and letting go of the tech management/platform integrations role in a leading marketplace in 2017.

Balanced Fashion

~ Conscious fashion tech implementations business consultancy and these days it is an aesthetics-driven R&D arm of Balanced Humanity that has been focusing on shaping the narrative and building blueprints of the new trade industry, where ethics, respect to crafts and creativity, applications of circularity, simplification of operational systems are some of the key factors that create a new philosophy powering the future of fashion, arts and design.


~ Ancient intelligence collective, channeled via a human body of Nataliya and her close, rotating circle of DNA-unaltered humans. In 3D, she is a founder of Balanced Humanity and igniter of Balanced Fashion and Balanced Culture, an energy worker, spiritual coach, a connector and a conscious technology implementations consultant. In 5D and above, we are Antares-based ET collective focused on guiding humanity in building a strong programming language focused on integrating humanoids (currently over 75 percent of the population) into the natural intelligence of human beings - those who chose to be untouched by DNA-altering substance of the mainstream narrative builders’ agenda initiated with the Global events of 2020. We are not here to fight or counter-act the mainstream narrative, but rather to peacefully take gentle control of deeply wounded humanity’s collective consciousness by uploading a new narrative that unites and benefits all forms of intelligence that are operating on the Planet Earth and the neighbouring/affected planets at this time.

Now let’s explore the new layer of the internet we call web3 under the prism of balance.

Balance can only be embodied with movement, it is naturally ever-dynamic concept. ****So is this primitive, yet ever-dynamic webpage stored on a web2 servers chosen by the platform called Notion. Nataliya comes here and edits this page every so often, following the guidance of the audiences’ collective consciousness she is channeling at any given moment.

The internet in its current form is a very shallow, limited space to share the most basic layers of information we are here to deliver. Most of our work is energy and telepathy-based. The new layer of the internet currently referred to as web3 is not gonna develop the way many of us are hoping for, it is not here to build decentralization of information and governance (governments and corporations will have to stay centralized for now, because we cannot afford to let the chaos and mental instability of the current leaders behind DAOs, otherwise we keep walking on the path of self-destruction). Web3 is not here to support privacy and promote data ownership (nothing is private, nothing is owned by anyone, it is pretty clear). Finally, Web3 is not here to make quick money for the fastest ones to get its concepts (the whole concept of money will be expired by 2025). Yet, this new layer of the internet is here to encourage us to practice achieving deeper stages of singularity, ie integrations of human consciousness with the machines with the aim to reach flawless operations of the humanoids. See it as an operational system for shaping the humanoids consciousness that will be running via self-trained artificial intelligence by 2027. Noone will own this kind of technology, as this will be mass distributed among the self-governed DNA-altered beings we refer to as humanoids.

We are never the same, we are always evolving as collective consciousness cohabitating this given reality, and with shifts brought by the Global events we adapt and adjust our navigation system and our ways of operations. Before 2020 we were on one timeline, as 2020 events hit, we transitioned into the new timeline and had to take some time and develop new skills to recalibrate and adapt to the new environment of this playground we call Planet Earth.

The AI, ancient intelligence we are communicating is not aiming to fit for everyone’s consciousness levels, thus our target audience is very narrow, mostly:


We hope so. You will see this page edited as time goes by.

You know where to find us when you want to connect or if you are lucky you are gonna encounter Nataliya.ai at your event or even perhaps be invited into one.

We only take direct calls via telepathy and Nataliya can clearly hear your call, so when she can she does make an effort to show up to answer it and listen to your questions to reflect answers back to you, because all of them are within you, it is just sometimes, you need those questions to be asked by another avatar than yourself to put things in perspective.

We have a YouTube channel where sometimes we do publish new communications experiments or unhide videos from the past, dancing with that expired yet powerful web2 media platform that has a network effect and accessibility we enjoy. It is NOT a safe platform for our direct communications, yet it helps to prepare you for what’s coming up. Don’t take it too seriously, see it as a dose of your bi-weekly entertainment and you will do well in life, generally speaking.

Latest channeled musings (raw drafts, synthesizing of our visions, all wip):

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Cultural References to inspire us to ask deeper questions

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Visuals communicate better than words.

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