New is the way forward.

Find me IRL at our new inter-networks’ events.

Our RWAs distribution has officially started as of APRIL 2024.

Building the Network State of #DecentralizedFashion via curated list of 144 partners. Starting with Newfoundational Groundbreaking series work.

Decentralized Documentary work has now been officially completed.

ReFi work is also completed, and now being distributed as samples for the future of trade between the 144 allies.

Focusing on mastering decentralization of our communications by attending to the core crew only with maximum transparency. I am available less and less online in the next couple of years.

Privacy and security of our work is built via a series of synchronistic physical meetings, co-living and coworking hubs, strategic partnerships.

I am best at recognising and inviting most aligned individuals and organizations into our New Scene.

Most of events I organise are not published in digital spaces. If you have landed on this page, you are invited. This page is updated more often these days.

Currently putting together a new crew who are top actors in curating, coaching, directing and coordinating our top players within the new narrative, building an alliance of most ambitious networks with strategic and layered transparency, powered by love.

We won. Clearly.

Reach within.