New Age movement feels irrelevant and expired. There is no new movement that is currently replacing the philosophy of New Age in a way that is grounded and convincing. I played with plant medicine and have cleaned my body enough it feels to see beyond the veil and you know what I saw there? Nothing.

I am much more excited to stay in 3D and build a new kind of reality, where we are as humanity collectively raising in consciousness and work on co-creation of the new format of society. Perhaps, that is why after my years of deep diving into spiritual development, I found myself exploring web3 narrative, since nothing else felt interesting enough for me to be engaged in.

Yet, even focusing on building the narrative behind the new layer of the internet is not as convincing to me any longer… something feels off, at its route system and I am trying to figure out what it is.

Generally, life on Earth at the time we live in feels very much off and I feel a deep desire within me to tell a new story of our Humanity, where we found our way towards embodiment of the notion of Balanced Humanity.

What is Balanced Humanity? Perhaps, it is time for me to answer this question for us, sine I have been sitting on this question since the moment I registered this company name in Spring 2018.

Balanced Humanity is an idea of social construct that drives us forward as humans and biorobots. We cannot ignore the fact that over 75% of the population of Planet Earth are no longer actual human beings, considering the DNA change so many of us have took on, as an experiment powered by the Ruling Elite to reduce population of our planet and turn us into slaves even more than we have already become in the past 2000+ years.

Yet, in my picture of the world, the Ruling Elite has no power any longer.

Those biorobots that made it through mid 2020s, have become those who have no choice but follow the guidance of the embodied humans, who kept their original DNA strands intact.

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