We are happy to announce that we are in the process of designing our first ever culture-shaping event series focused on the intersection of wellness arts and web3 technologies.

The notion of Balanced Culture is ours to shape and this first testnet event is to explore the key factors that influence the great rebalancing that we are collectively undertaking.

The upcoming trends in deepening our spiritual and wellness practices, and taking good care of our mental health are about to take over the world, as new modalities and advanced consciousness tools are being developed, sharing our mutual goal in creating more efficient ways of human-to-human cooperation and co-existing in peace, harmony and balance with each other.

In Balanced Culture, our core values are unconditional love, practice of heart-centred living and on-going development of new ways of sharing our Planet resources in a kind and thoughtful way.

We also acknowledge that technology development plays an essential role in our humanity’s evolution process. Decentralization of technology solutions, brought by web3, IOT and AI are the core tools building up the next layer of the Internet that will upgrade our humanity across all fronts and we would like to experience our mental clarity and wellness be top notch as we are creating something so ambitious for our collective future.

During this hybrid (both offline and online) event, we are inviting select participants to present their work in web3, arts+communications and wellness worlds, meet with fellow creators and leaders, thus creating a synchronization space that gives all of those who are engaged in this event a deeper guidance and inspiration on how to build our future in a way that is starkly different from where we are collectively coming from.

Each event’s length is 2 weeks, or half of a moon cycle. In Balanced Culture, we believe that working with the rhythm of the Moon is the most efficient way to bring sustainbable, long-term results to life. It also takes time to get to know each other deeply, so we will be meeting periodically for 2 weeks and creating bigger events together, shaping the rhythm that will rebalance the current state of web3.

The vision is to rent out a retreat space or a hotel with a selection public spaces, from 30 to 100+ rooms capacity in order to accommodate 30 to 150+ participants.

The first week of the event, we will focus on a more cognitive side of our work, where we will feature talks and presentations from our participants, offer variety of technology, business and future of humanity mapping-related workshops and both facilitated and unstructured networking events. Prepare to exchange a lot of data from each other, yet have enough time to recharge and rest in the evenings and mornings. All of our group sessions will start around lunch time, so we can share a food and begin our day collectively, leaving mornings for sleep, meditation and other work activities we need to prioritize.

The second week of the event is going to be much less structured and focused on slowing down, detaching ourselves from technologies, sleeping as long as our bodies need, spending more time in nature and decompressing from the high amount of social and mental engagement from the first week. We will be hosting meditation and breathwork sessions, chill-out games, conscious communications workshops, dance & movement classes and other self-deepening and social bonding activities. Prepare to potentially get naked and swim in the pool, and dance contact improv together everywhere and any time.


New Moon in Scorpio, October 25, 2022

New Moon in Sagittarius, November 23, 2022

New Moon in Capricorn, December 23, 2022

And most likely the bigger event will take place at some point in 2023. In 2022, we will host smaller, closed testnet-style events to feel into what the community is capable of co-creating in the main, 2-week long event that will be more publicly announced.