After successfully leading a series of 12 weekly Balanced Culture meetings that kicked off back in January 2022, we are ready to launch something new again!

As a reminder, for the Balanced Culture series, we held a highly curated series of private, invite-only forum-style conversations focused around what makes our Culture Balanced. This time around, I am experimenting with a deeper dive format of me channeling individuals I see as some of the most powerful leaders of today. During this upcoming series, this time held moonly, starting with a period of 6 months, I will explore the key topics that will lead us towards a more Balanced Humanity and reflect on what’s happening now.

Session 1, September 2022

David Sauvage


David is a powerful reflection of the collective, interpersonal and personal subconscious. He channels energy, thoughts, emotions and body movements of those who he chooses to tune in to. On top of being naturally empathic, he has developed a set of skills and has gone through an enormous number of profound life-changing experiences that prepared him to act as the Voice of the Unconscious for the majority of Humanity at this time.

The upcoming event series, I call Reflections Sessions is going to start with diving deep with David and asking very difficult and direct questions to David acting as a reflection of myself and the audience+participants. I would act as an interviewer and provide prompts while David is going to take time to respond to each prompt that will lead to deeper coherence reached for the collective consciousness that is tuning in to the energetic channel of the container we create during that session.

The topics we will touch upon will include, not limited to:

Further sessions plan:

Session 2, October 2022

Magdalena Sartori