If you turn on your multidimensional vision you will see so much more. If you are healthy enough in your body suit you will remember how to travel between dimensions and discover life outside of this reality. Sounds fun? Well, it’s not about having fun, it is about accomplishing what we came here to do.

So much is not shown to us and we are taught to be slaves in this reality we created ourselves. Our free will is there but those who are in power are robbing it from you because you consciously do not know what’s actually going on… And, frankly, I do not feel physically safe in my body to be sharing online much of those aspects I am remotely viewing.

I simply see feel perceive and know too much to be alive and publicly vocal for us… at least at this moment, before rebalancing happens of course. And we are leading this rebalancing. Not the old life’s ruling system that tried so hard to keep us enslaved but they eventually lost.

Let’s ask ourselves some important questions to get closer to winning:

When we as a humanity will be ready to receive the information abut multidimensionality of this reality? Why so much is made up by such a small group of non-humans? What’s the purpose of creating biorobots? Who controls the ai that guides the biorobots? What is the real weapon that is being utilized at this moment and how to transform it?

You will find out if you dare to connect with me 1:1 in real life. Find me if you can.

At this time, I am set to build Metaslavia, a model for Balanced Humanity, a land that is safe to be building our new life for the next thousands of years on this spaceship we call Planet Earth. If you feel like you are here to do more than be a slave or build a sandbox reality that is the internet, come by, I will channel exactly what’s your higher self’s role on here in this lifetime. I do not work online, I only do IRL and spiritual work. If you are reading this in 2022, I have already done energetic work on you to bring you to this page, so that’s nice. Energy works better than physical things. Thoughts work well as well. So do emotions. Physicality is the last place of interest for me because in the end of the day here the result of my work is being reflected.

I cannot keep seeing humanity self destruct ourselves and this technology we are physically temporary staying on.

Enough is enough.

It is time to get the truth out and onto the surface of our consciousness for those who are ready to hear it.

Note: I do not discriminate against biorobots, I understand your choice, but I prefer to work much closer with those who made a decision to keep their DNA intact in these years of mass robotization. I cannot reverse back the decision you made but I can look closely at what can be done on your DNA level without physical intrusion. Physical is only 25% of the story. The rest is emotional, mental and energetic and we gotta rebalance those layers for ourselves in order to move on building the new foundation for ourselves.